The first ever  marketed and approved for road use vehicle to cross a desert using 100% solar energy.

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This version weights 23Kg and allows you to travel anywhere in the world with complete freedom

Mobile Solar kit

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This version can be assembled anywhere on earth with an autonomy of 100km

Solar Off Road

Simpson desert crossing


Simpson desert is located in a uninhabited part of the country.


It covers an area of 176,500 km² and is home to many animal and plant species.


Its extreme desert climate makes living conditions particularly difficult.

Parallel lines of sand dunes, 20 to 40 metres high and 450 metres apart, extend from northwest to southeast of the desert for more than 150 kilometres.



Vehicle: Swincar 

Designed on a breakthrough technology, the product is unique in the world. Approved for road use, it is marketed on all five continents.

Four wheel drive


100% electric

Made in France

Intuitive control

Swincar E-spider is a new technology vehicule. It can go over obstacles that none other vehicules could overdrive.

The platform and wheels are articulated on longitudinal axes allowing an inclination in curves or a correction of the slope on slopes.

Swincar is experiencing a worldwide buzz with more than 100 million views on social networks

He is known for his achievements on all terrains of the world :

Ocean (Vendée Globe, ...) Climbing (Everest, ...) pole (North pôle, ...), Desert (Dakar moto, ...), Forest (Amazon, ...)

Charles Hedrich is a french adventurer.


Charles Hedrich

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He also participates in international competitions :

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, Pierre Menta, Enduro du Touquet, 100km de Millau, IronMan, etc.

Expéditon antartique

Several records and world premiere to his credits :​

South Atlantic crossing speed record with a rowing boat.

First ever trip from the North Pole to Greenland with Arnaud Tortel.

A sailing speed record on the crossing of the english channel  (60 feet open).

First man to cross the Atacama desert on foot.

First sailing trip around the world passing both poles.

Record de vitesse sur la traversée de l'atlantique sud.
Ascension de l'everest
Tour du monde à la voile
Traversée du désert d'atacama

Since 2005, all his expeditions have been accomplished in autonomy:

Solar energy as the only supply.

Paris Beijing

A world's first : 15 000 km following Silk Road

Map Paris pekin.png

Starting on spring 2020

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